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4-6 July 2008
My roommate Mark and his friends lined up some permits for backpacking in the Indian peaks on the Independence day weekend. His route took us to two nice lakes and a cool abandoned mine, with a layover day near to the Arapaho peaks. Connecting North and South Arapaho is a fun ridge scramble over 13,000 feet.

Winston and Bryce (ever the hungry ones, for trail mix and adventure, respectively) joined Christine and I for the traverse, but we split up at the summit. Bryce and Winston braved a steep loose rock gully straight down to the campsite, while Christine and I reversed the route and took the long way around, only to find ourselves crossing the Continental Divide in a thunderstorm.

Everybody else made the summit of South Arapaho that day (even the dog). After a third fun-filled night we hiked back out to Boulder.
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