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2-3 January 2012
On my way back to Oregon, I stopped in Zion National Park for a 36-hour whirlwind tour.

I started out wading up the Narrows, but only made it a few hundred yards before I was waist-deep - and in January, it was a pretty cold undertaking. Since Angels Landing was clear of ice, I managed to climb to the top that same afternoon. I camped for one night outside the park, and shot Zion's most famous sunrise scene the next morning.

After a brief side trip to Cedar City to catch up with a friend from college, I hit up the Kolob Canyon area, a somewhat more isolated region of the park. Here, I hiked to the Double Arch alcove, a spectacular amphitheater located a few miles' hike up Taylor Creek.

This was my first visit to Zion. Hopefully I can make it back in a milder season for a more ambitious trip.
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